How About.... NOW!

A article posted on from another source sparked my interest.

It was discussing real-time decision making for consumers. Over a few years consumers have taken their need for results to the next level and want results immediately. The popular growth of social networks like Twitter and Facebook I feel increased this desire in people. Companies have big shoes to fill as far as answering to their customers immediately; WITH results..

I think this can get very challenging especially for the larger companies like Fedex and UPS where they are available everywhere but might not have the man power to push all the social outlets they are connected with their customers.

Will this trend catch up to companies and backfire?

Is this a trend that smaller companies can only handle effectively?

Since this is a trend will it disappear in a couple years and simple telegrams be good enough? Umm.. I hope not, that was before my time! HA!.. Maybe postcards. 

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