If You Can't Find It.. Make It

The latest two blog posts on ASMP’s site really go hand in hand. Managing your time to get work done can’t happen without making the list of what needs to be done...

I can’t live without my calendar. Now that I have the IPhone with Mobile Me I’m able to update, change and check my schedule anywhere I’ am! Everything I plan on doing whether a test shoot or bowling practice gets written down. Staying organized makes everything flow a lot easier and cause less headache in the end. It’s hard to concentrate on more than one thing if I don’t have it planned out. Then once it’s time to get those things done I have to make sure and have the time to do it.

Even if you don’t have a busy schedule when you don’t have some sort of planner or piece of paper you write down your checklist on you can get lost and caught up in other things that start stacking up on top of each other causing a huge tornado of a mess within a two weeks.

You can put things off very easily; “I’ll get to that later” or “this will take 20 min” ... That time is where your losing direction and not following your personal schedule. Having a to do checklist or schedule to follow doesn’t apply to everyone but I feel it helps your day go smoother. 

-I advise everyone get to a pocket size notebook or calendar they can write down their to do list. Also it’s great to have if you like to brainstorm on new ideas :)