Peanut Butter Rules!

Finally I got to taste the weirdest but greatest peanut butter sandwich(jelly was an option).

I heard of this sandwich shop briefly through main line Tweets, and discovered this little gold mine of a place in Wayne, PA. If anyone lives in or around Philadelphia this is a place you have to try. There’s only one and even though they just opened this past August I know it will take off.

This place is so different because there’s only one like it. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are a staple food in any family household. If anything I’d be the first to take part in this idea and spread the joy. After the first anxiousness passed me I was able to analyze the place from a consumer point of view while taking snap shots with my camera. Would this place really succeed? Is the quality there? The atmosphere for kids and adults? Location?

Pros: The quality and options for peanut butter: There was 5 options for me which was plenty because they all looked good. Gluten free, chocolate peanut butter, chunky, all natural, and creamy. At first I wasn’t sure which one I wanted and the person behind the counter was super friendly and helpful asking me if I wanted to taste any first. In the end I chose the chunky peanut butter. To add to the fun atmosphere the quirky chalkboard menu had all the options for make your own and pre-made sandwiches clearly written. Being my first time there I went with a pre fixed option which was the peanut butter, honey, cinnamon sugar, raisins, and cream cheese sandwich. It was VERY good. I had it on wheat bread toast. Also the sandwiches came with a bag of cheddar Sun Chips, which was odd at first but worked :) Sat at one of the peanut shaped tables and chowed down!

Cons: The options for bread weren’t as extensive as I might of liked. Maybe throw in wraps? Or challah bread. I thought it was great how they really made the peanut butter shine and tie in its historical roots with facts on the wall, but I feel like the jelly part was left in the dust. I think they could elevate both sides of the spectrum and have some pre-fixed jelly sandwiches like they have for the peanut butter. It’s a great location for the shop but it’s a tease because there’s not one in the city. The only other thing that bothered me was the lack of comfortable seating. The idea behind the furniture was great but the chairs were hard wood on a hard cement floor. Adding some lounge seating wouldn’t be a bad idea.

That’s my review in a nutshell (peanut shell) I’ll be going back, and I encourage you to go too!