Watch Out Milkman!

The other day I was on the mainline meeting Neil Binkley for coffee and to look over my photography. His recommendation of a coffee shop to meet at was perfect!

Milkboy.. The name is as cute and funny as the logo. This Pudgy, happy one color toned boy placed on the coffee sleeve really set the mood.

It wasn’t that though that will keep me coming back, it was their almond croissant pastry. It was like funnel cake for breakfast! You would expect it to be flaky and light but it was this doughy center when pulled apart and melted in my mouth. The powdered sugar and slivered almonds were a nice touch. Then I washed it down with my freshly brewed coffee brought to my seat in the window.

The only thing the Milkboy lacked was a business card. They instead had a great little sticker with a amp on it. They short history behind it, is it used to be a recording studio then expanded into selling coffee. You can get a better explanation on their website.

What else is great they are on Twitter! :)