Fried pickles done right!

The Metropolitan: American Diner & Bar; Let me start by saying I’ve eaten there twice, and both times I’ve gotten their hamburgers, they just that good. (Next time I’m going I’m getting one of their salads.) The interior is very welcoming and family friendly. The wait staff is nice, efficient, and very accommodating...

The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the hostess and her IPAD in hand taking reservations. Pretty cool. She had a big smile on her face and enjoyed seating us. The booths were very comfy and we were served quickly.

What makes this place good is the quality and quantity of the food. It serves portions as if at a real diner but the quality surpasses your normal restaurant. My personal favorite that I’ve had so far is the chipolte burger with fried pickles, and bacon. I LOVE fried pickles, and to have them on my hamburger which is fresh ground beef made to order makes it unbelievably tasty. The bun doesn’t fall apart, and the bacon is real fresh whole  slices.

Another huge plus to the restaurant is their beer selection. It makes sense now to have bar in the title of the restaurant because what they serve is above and beyond your average selection of drinks. If your just going in for a couple drinks and not dinner the bar is a nice, comfortable place to sit and chat with your friend, or a romantic date.

I have yet to try their desserts because I usually finish my meal because it’s so tasty and I end up filling myself. Another incentive to eat here is they have a rewards card! It’s awesome! Just use it when you pay and you earn points, percentages off your bill, and it’s free to sign up.

This place understands customer satisfaction.