Food Styling by Dawn Brown

1. What made you decide to be a food stylist?

Mathematics:  A passion for food and wine  +  a background in marketing and advertising + a desire to create  =  food styling!

2. Where are you originally from? 

Toronto, Canada

3. Where did you find it the easiest to get work? To start out?

Magazines, newspaper inserts, small businesses

4. What is your connection to Food on Film?

It's mine.

5. Who are some notable photographers you have worked with?

Top Greek food photographers and, both, Greek and international directors.

6. Where/who have you looked for your inspirations?

Inside myself.

7. What type of marketing do you do for yourself? Is it all word of mouth?

Good work is the best advertising!

8. Do you produce more work in print of television?

50/50 - Many of my clients have me style for both their print and television advertising.

9. What is your favorite food/drink to style?

Salads.  They need speed and precision (a bit like the 100-mtr dash!).  And, cocktails.  Their names alone inspire fantasy!

10. What is your must-have tool on every shoot?

Mechanical knife

11. What can you say is the most important for a food stylist to do when starting out?

 Keep trying. Again, and again, and again. Always work towards the final image, not your pocket.