Bottling Beer

One of my favorite parts about brewing beer is bottling it. It shows your one step closer to having a finished drink :)

Buying a six-pack you don’t event think about the cap unless it’s Magic Hat or Lion’s Head with a fun message, but when you home brew, bottling is part of the process.

Here are the items you need to bottle beer...

Caps and "capper"


1.) Oxygen Absorbing Caps
2.) Capper tool
3.) Bottles
4.) Brewed beer
5.) Case to store them in
Empty Bottles

Once your beer is ready to bottle you pour the beer from the 5 gallon containter into the bottle leaving about an inch at the top.
Then you take a flat cap and place it on top of rim. Take the round secure holder on the bottom of red capper and place over the cap.
Pull and press down both handles on red capper till you almost squeeze the bottle. Then lift it off and you have a capped beer bottle!

Capped Bottles