Nancy Ori's Travels to Italy

Nancy Ori is starting on a journey to create a cookbook on regional Italian food.

I have been teaching photography in a remote region in the hills of Italy and have been to the same town three times now with my students with a fourth trip planned for October. I have gotten to know everyone who lives there practically....about 200 in the hilltop town. Three chefs have shared their recipes with me and I have photographed the region quite a bit. I want to do the cookbook as a sample of my work, a learning experience to photograph food, and as a gift to the many people who have been involved to produce my workshops. They will all be featured in the book. I will very likely not make any money on it but will have a great experience putting it together. The three chefs have cooked for my students each time so they will get a copy to remember my trips. The B&B where we stay will be happy to get a copy since they will also be featured along with their chef. It is kind of a community project.

The town is called Casperia and is located in Lazio about an hour south of the Tuscan border.
During the workshop we had a chef at the B&B who prepared all the breakfasts and two amazing dinners for us. The second chef gave us cooking lessons and learned how to make Stringozzi, a local pasta that is all one long piece of dough. That was probably the most interesting thing we saw and how they roll it out.

I would say that the Stringozzi is something that has been handed down through the generations of the ladies who were demonstrating the pasta making. 

The third chef was the featured person at La Tacita, an exclusive resort restaurant in the countryside of Casperia. He is a two star Michilin chef which over there is quite something. There are only 37 of them in all of Italy.

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