Foie... Friend.... Foe...

Irate chefs, and frenzied gourmands are what filled California’s streets (not really) after the ban of Foie Gras.

What is Foie Gras?

Is the liver of a duck or goose that has been enlarged through a special feeding technique and then served in pates, or a main ingredient in a hot dish. It’s a specialty that not all restaurants would serve.

The controversy:
This technique is essentially a form of force feeding which is seen as animal cruelty. This goes beyond just raising them.

There are plenty of sites against it:

For French inspired restaurants in California they are going to have to fill that space on the menu with something else. Maybe... a veggie dish? Nah.

Having eaten it several times and enjoying it, from a East Coast perspective I feel it’s perfectly ok. I consider it a technique in cooking than animal cruelty. What about lobsters? We can’t throw them in boiling water now because it will hurt? They taste so good though!

Just the other week France has actually gotten “involved” with this ban on the delicacy in California by boycotting California wines sold in France that actually ARN’T sold in France.

You can read more about that here:

As long as this feud doesn’t hit Philadelphia I’ll continue to eat my duck the way I like it.