Food Stylist: Anne Marie Tobin

It's great to have Anne Marie on my blog! What sold me other than her amazing talent was the really unique opening video that I've never seen a food stylist do before...
Anne Marie Tobin


How did you get into styling?
First I studied at art college and then I trained to be a chef in London. There I assisted some great food stylists.

Are you originally from Ireland?
I was born in Ireland but learned to be a food stylist in London, I work out of Dublin.

Do you see different trends in Ireland than the U.S.?

The two countries have different food cultures so the food styling from each country reflects their own food culture.

Have you traveled for your work? If so where’s the farthest you have been?

While my daughters were young I focused working out of Ireland,often I work with overseas celebrity chefs who work in Ireland now they are teenagers so would welcome the chance to work further afield.

Any clients you aspire to work for?
It would be great to work for Marks and Spencer.

Who are some notable photographers you have worked with?
Simon Wheeler, Michael Michaels, Mike O Toole(my husband).

For your ice cream/milkshake shots did you use actual product or is it a mixture of other things?

For the milkshake I used real product from McDonalds but I froze it a little extra to add more texture, we also shot them as opposed to three at a time.

For your simple cheese shots for Irish Farmhouse Cheese how much cheese did you have to choose from to find the best for the shot? How long did it take to get those shots?

These shots were done over one day, the product was good quality, the better the quality the less I need to do with it. I think I had a wheel of each variety of cheese.

For your opening video on your website how did you come up with the idea? Was it a big collaboration?

Dear designer friends of mine who I had worked with many times suggested making a video where I form the word food. From there I decided to depict various different food stuff, I also wanted to choose colours that work well together. I am really pleased with the end result. There were four of us, a designer,photographer,videographer and me.

For aspiring food stylists what’s one thing you would tell them about getting into the business?

Be prepared to be flexible and willing to look at food from a different way.