Interview with Beatrice Peltre

Photo/Recipe by: Beatrice Peltre
How did you get into food styling?
I didn't intend to do food styling. But I realized how passionate I was about it when I started my food blog. That said, I was always into visual arts, design, and I loved to make beautiful plates of food at home, for every day and special occasions--and being French for that matter definitely helped me. I've always been a believer that we eat with our eyes first.

What was your first draw, the photography, writing, or styling?
Styling and Photography. And then writing.

When did your blog, La Tartine Gourmande start? Have you gotten work through that?
I started my blog in November 2005. And yes, I have received a lot of work with it. It's thanks to it that people have been able to notice my work when I started.

Congrats on your first cookbook! Where did the inspiration for the recipes come from?  
Were they handed down or original creations of your own?
Thank you. Yes, all original recipes. Inspired by my French roots, my travels, and all of the foods I love to cook and eat. The book is really a reflection of my style of cooking and the foods I cook for my family and friends. I've cooked them over and over. And always love them the same way.

Do you travel a lot for work on the East Coast? Have you gone out of the country for work too?
I've traveled within the US and outside the US for work. Especially when I teach food styling and photography workshops. Finding interesting locations for the attendees is key--I am always looking for a cultural interest.

What are your inspirations for food styling? Your photography? Are they similar?
Various sources, not one that is always the same. I read and follow magazines, of course, but mainly I draw inspirations from the foods and ingredients I cook with. They have a natural beauty that I love to enhance.

Any dream clients you want to work for?
Not necessarily.  Anyone whose products and foods talk to me. it helps when I believe in the objects I photograph and style.

What is your favorite thing to cook?
Vegetables. And I love to bake and prepare pretty scrumptious desserts! ;-)