Jar With A Twist

This is by far the best invention I've ever seen. I eat peanut butter on a regular basis and I've been waiting for something like this is come out. These four guys got it!

1. Jar with a twist; was it a “a-ha” moment that came true?

After thoroughly examining our lives, we determined the single greatest
pain that we suffered on a daily basis-- Peanut Butter Knuckles (rough
life, I know). After multiple different solutions, we settled on what we
know call Jar~with~a~Twist. We realized that the kitchen is already full
of over-priced, under-utilized utensils, so we wanted to make this as easy
for the consumer as possible-- by removing the need to buy more specialty

 2. How did the four of you come together for this? Were you previous
 friends growing up?

We came together through our Senior Design course at North Carolina State
University. We have become incredibly close-knit, and are in constant
contact with one another throughout the day.

 3. Are there a lot of interests in food companies wanting this design?

Yes! We've had incredible amounts of interest, and are in the process of
meeting with several companies.

 4. How many trial and errors were there before you got it right?

We have close to 20 separate, and quantifiable different prototypes. We
have striven to continually improve our product through the development
process to make it easily manufactured, material use low, and retain the
utmost in functionality.

 5. Beside food items has there been discussion other non-food items to be
 incorporated into this design?

Certainly. One of the major areas of non-food interest has been in
cosmetics-- makeup, lotions, etc.

 6. Have you done demos at supermarkets of food events with the product?

Our patent was only recently filed, so we were unable to demo
Jar~with~a~Twist up until then. Once things slow down a bit, we plan on
extensively demonstrating our product.

 7. What is your end goal with this product?

There are two possible scenarios. Manufacture and sell Jar~with~a~Twist
ourselves, or license the ability to do so to another entity. We are
currently keeping both options open.