Garrett Oliver Brewmaster of Brooklyn Brewery + HOPS Magazine

I was approached by international magazine HOPS for their New York issue where they were covering the culture of the bustling city and the beer scene. They chose to interview, dine, and drink with brew master Garrett Oliver of Brooklyn Brewery.

It was an amazing opportunity for such a unique personal sit down dinner with Garrett at the prestigious NoMad restaurant. (While we were there Robin Roberts and Barbara Walters walked in). He brought several brews of his that are still in early testing stages so it was really interesting to order the food and try different pairings with his new beers. The variety and flavors were unmatched by other beers. There was strong flavors paired well with the stronger, meatier dishes. We started out with lighter dishes that paired nicely with the crispy beers. It was a dining experience I will never forget and I have the photos to remember it by.