Photo Shoot BTS: Conagra Packaging Redesign Part 2

Part 2! We had some more to do, which included these really cool stuffed products that had meat and cheese. Great for heating up on the go. Packaging work is some of my favorite work to do because there’s so much attention to the little details, and it can make or break a design. My team and Conagra’s agency out of Canada photographed the re-design of Odom Tennessee Pride’s breakfast and sandwich offerings sold in the frozen food section. The re-design was modern with a white wash wood surface and up to date propping and lighting to bring the food to life! It was a big project shot in 2 parts but we got through it. Excited to share what we put together so keep a look out for the items at your local supermarket.

You can see some of the final designs here:

Personal Project: Transformation

It's been a few busy months shooting/editing...
Catching up on some much needed blogging! Here's my latest project I've been working on titled Transformation.

Brief Overview: A personal project showcasing the transformation of frozen food to the fresh state it takes once defrosted. It shows the contrast of reality and perception in today’s food culture.