BTS Video: Rex Goliath Photo Shoot

I was super pumped when I found out Rex Goliath wanted to hire me for shooting their sangria line. I worked directly with the advertising agency in upstate New York and remotely with the west coast client Rex Goliath. Also creating this B.T.S. video was great way to show the client how my team and I work on a shoot and what it takes to get the shot. The images we created were for P.O.S. advertising nationally that would be released over the course of 2015.

We did a Cinco De Mayo, Spring/Summer, and Fall/holiday scenario. The Cinco De Mayo and Summer setup would be utilizing the same lighting as well as using the duratrans I had made to simulate an outdoor feel. Working on location is not always possible especially this time of year so being creative in the studio can really set you apart. The Fall theme images would have a moodier lighting setup and warmer tones and we did that by gelling and flagging some lights. Choosing a food and prop stylist was very important for such a large brand and going through Big Leo to find those people I were familiar with really made a difference. In the end the client loved all the images and bought usage for some additional selects which was a very good sign :)

Check out this BTS video and see some of the final shots on my site!

Food Stylist: Carrie Purcell

Prop Stylist: Beth Flatley