The other night Joe and I walked down to Passyunk Ave to check out a French BYOB, Fond... Joe met the pastry chef at a networking event who actually owns her own bakery a couple doors down from it. Her fiance runs the kitchen at Fond now.

We got there and for the majority of our dinner we were the only ones there which was nice. We went out on a Tuesday night and the weather wasn’t that bad so it was interesting to see no one out.

The server immediately seated us with a big smile and opened our white wine we brought. Overall the dinner was rich and tasty so drinking the dry white wine helped. The waiter started us off with their soup tasting of the night which was butternut squash soup. 

For appetizer I had the escargot. I’ve gotten this a few times at different restaurants and it’s interesting how they all serve it differently. This one was brought out in a wide rimmed bowl with a garlic puree. So good! Joe got his favorite, Fois Gras which was stacked and seared perfectly.

For the main course I tried the Skate Wing. I’ve heard this is a tough fish to eat because of the lack of “meat” to it. Under the Skate was creamy risotto, edamame, then surrounded by brown butter which was a foamy presentation. Joe had the duck breast in duck jus and a side of sausage and white beans. Throughout the night the waiter brought us some bread. We had the choice of sourdough or olive loaf. I wasn’t sure if it was made on premise or brought in. Dinner was so rich we had to share a dessert which was a little heavy to begin with. We ordered the malted milk chocolate ice cream with peanut brittle, chocolate crumble, and peanut butter ganache.

Overall the dinner was great, it was quite probably because it was Tuesday night. The chef was nice enough to meet Joe. The entire place could probably seat up to 30 people and the colors inside were very earthy and calming. It’s located on Passyunk Ave near all the shops.