Le Macgyver Cordon Bleu

It’s 10:00 at night, your hungry, do you know what your going to make?? 

Easy, the already cooked chicken in the fridge with that other leftover stuff. Just turn the broil on and watch it bubble!

-Two left over pieces of grilled chicken.

-That little serving of shredded swiss cheese in the back of the fridge that could possibly last one more day. And blue cheese (if you have it)


-End of the lunchmeat ham or pepperoni.

Put the chicken on a baking stone and layer with whatever meat product you have.

Sprinkle the swiss cheese over that and crumble any blue cheese you have on top of that.
Take the bread crumbs and sprinkle that on top.

Turn the broil on med-low heat and let cook for about 10-15min.

The crust should turn brown and cheese melted and still heating up the chicken.

You can eat this by itself on a roll or with that last scoop of ice cream in the freezer.