Prop Stylist: Geri Radin

I've had the pleasure to work with Geri and she is amazing! Her eye for unique props and styling is unmatched by anyone I've seen.

I got to talk with her and here's what she had to say!

1. How long have you been a stylist?
I think I've been styling since I was a little kid, I always liked creating or making things or people look good. My parents worked in the cosmetic industry. My brother and I would build little sets in the warehouse out of shipping cartons.  I also remember creating displays with the products in my moms showroom... I used to love to drape the multicolored organza scarves around the products in the wall display cubicles.  Oh... and I used to love to play retail store... my parents would come home from work to find my brother and I built a pop-up shop in one of our bedrooms. We'd spend hours displaying our clothing and pinning outfits to the walls.  In Jr. high and high school I styled all my girlfriends. They would come over on Friday night and I would dress them and do their hair and make up (I was full service).
I discovered styling as a career when a "stylist"/ photographer neighbor of mine hired me to return wardrobe for her. I was so excited to learn you could actually get paid to go shopping.

2. Have you ever traveled for your work?
One of the best things about my job is all the unpredictable interesting places I find myself in. I've been fortunate to work on both coasts and lots of locations in between. My shopping radar works anywhere.

3. Where do you find your inspirations?
Honestly, everywhere... I'm visual, everything inspires me. Walking around the city, day trips to the country, restaurants, flea markets , photo and design books, magazines, movies...its endless.

4. In your experiences what to you enjoy more film or print styling?
I love the fact that I do both. I started in film first.
But I find print styling very there are less people involved on the jobs so you have more control over what the outcome is.

5. Any dream clients?
I am fortunate to work for many great companies.
Currently my dream client for print is Dansko. I love making their comfort designed shoes look stylish and appealing to many age demographics.
In film I had a few dream jobs, one was set dressing an Edwin Jeans commercial starring Brad Pitt. Another was set dressing a music video for Cindy Lauper.
And a third that comes to mind is the time I had to lather up Mark Wahlberg in shower scene for a video shoot...

6. Hardest thing you had to style? (Can be item  on model)
I recently worked on a 5 day shoot for a healthcare company...I styled both the sets and shopped ALL the wardrobe for 35 talent.  Each day we shot at different location... Everything had to be mobile... I had a team of 5 stylists and an assistant to help with the set dressing. It was really challenging to coordinate all that and be sure everyone looked appropriate and that all the clothing coordinated in the environments, and that there and were plenty of wardrobe options so that everyone didn't end up in "blue"  ....
The models were commercial actors/ models mostly of senior age,  and so they primarily looked like "real people"
(that means all sizes and shapes) ....We only received head shots, along with a casting card which amazingly many people didn't know their sizes...  it was hard making the calls asking them to describe they're body shapes and sizes more woman actually said she was shaped "more like a apple then a pear...." I think that question should be added to the casting cards they fill out.

7. In your product category you have a photograph of a shoe with paint dripping off bottom, was that done in post or did you make the paint drip like that?
That was done live. We dipped the shoe in paint then added drips with a syringe.

8. One thing you must have in your tool box?
Double stick tape of every kind and strength