Copyright! Copyright!... Need I say more? How about watch this video..

Noam Galai's self portrait of him screaming drew a lot of attention especially when posted to his Flickr site. He gained recognition he wasn't even aware of and had to learn the hard way. This story reminds me of the previous story not posted too long ago about another photographer's car image being used on GAP t-shirts.

I have a Flickr site myself and I'm not trying to bash on the reputable web gallery where you can connect with photographers and cross your fingers a art director or stock agency will give you money for your images...honestly. But that only happens to a small percentage. The other percentage like Noam find their image in clothing stores and on magazine covers way past a pay date, IF that will ever happen.

The title, "The Stolen Scream" works well to describe how every individuals scream is their voice being heard. Don't let some one take that from you. Stand up for who you are and what you believe in, and always remember to copyright your work. I'm glad Noam shared his story, it's a terrible thing that he was the victim, but every photographer should watch this video and not ignore this growing problem.

The moral of the story, which is preached to any serious photographer is copyright your work. Once you hit that shutter the mechanical machine in your hand creates that little LCD preview of what you just shot which is what YOU own. Even if it's a photograph you took of your face! In Noam's case...

Here's the depressing story:

Here is more evidence of his image being used: