Food Stylist: Jen Beauchesne

Jen Beauchesne

Photo By: Michael Indresano

Photo By: Michael Indresano

1.While you were studying photography at RIT did you have a specialty you wanted to pursue?

I actually went into RIT as a freshman thinking I wanted to shoot fashion, but quickly learned I was much happier shooting still life in the studio rather than models. Once we got to start taking electives the first one I choose was Food Photography and I just knew that's exactly what I wanted to do.

2.When did you decide to change over from photography to food styling?

I decided to switch over about a year ago when I realized I was much happier on the other side of the lens and in the kitchen.

3.Who have you worked with/admired to help hone your skills as a stylist?

I work with Sunny Ricks a lot she is an amazing stylist who has taught me so much about this industry and has been the best helping me transition from Boston to NYC.

4.Do you like to cook yourself?

Yes, I love cooking for myself, although I don't always have time, I try to find time on the weekends to try new recipes!

5.Do you prefer to style one type of food over another?

No real preference on what kind of foods, I love them all :)

6.Any dream clients you would like to work with?

I would love to style for Donna Hay Magazine, I absolutely adore their aesthetic and quality of work.

Photo By: Will Styer

Photo By: Will Styer

7.What has been the most difficult thing for you to style?

The most difficult thing for me to style was actually a bowl of mayo, the photographer wanted it one way and the client, who was weighing in remotely, wanted it another way, so there was a lot of back and forth and the mayo kept congealing, not fun, but we got thru it!

8.What is your must have tool on set?

I would say my must have tool would be my tweezers, I have about five different pairs, all for different uses.