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NJ Monthly Photo Shoot: The Farm & Fisherman Tavern + Market

If anyone is familiar with great food and BYOB’s in Center City Philadelphia Farm and Fisherman would be on that list. Now they’ve expanded into a bigger and better location right in New Jersey. My most recent shoot for NJ Monthly took me to Cherry Hill to see The Farm and Fisherman Tavern and Market. It was a beautiful interior for dining and drinking. To the one side was a casual grab and go lunch spot where you could also purchase local sourced goods like cheese and chocolate! I was able to try some of their most popular dishes and I certainly had a couple personal favorites. One of the first things I shot was their Breads and Spreads appetizer. It came out on a wood lazy susan filled with locally sourced vegetables and house made spreads to dip with. Also with this dish was an amazing pita bread warm, fresh, and fluffy right from the oven! My other favorite had to be the panini sandwich dressed with cauliflower. Yum! The list can go on but I’d go check it out yourself.

Photo Shoot New Jersey Monthly: Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten

I recently was hired by NJ Monthly to photograph the new Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten in Asbury Park, New Jersey. The drive was ok, but well worth it when I pulled up to the front of this stoic, beautifully crafted building right on the water. It looked like the exterior was the shell of a old factory and walking in it certainly had the reclaimed look. The interior had floor to ceiling windows, exposed brick and artifacts filling the room. There were rows of communal tables with the backdrop of hand painted murals representing the good old days! This location seated so many people it was not a surprise to walk up a few flights of steps to this huge bar roof deck that had tiered seating. The walls were covered in this beautiful floral and greenery arrangement for aesthetics and energy.

If the building itself wasn’t impressive enough Chef James Avery had such a passion and experience for German fare it was a match made in heaven. I quite possibly tried and photographed everything on their menu. There were some specifics for me to cover like the bavarian pretzels, beers, potato pancakes, but also their oysters “Braten”. These oysters were served hot on a bed of salt baked with pretzel crumbs and herbs. The flavors were unreal! Another favorite of mine from the menu was the Blumenkohl; fried cauliflower.


BTS Photo of Felicia working!

BTS Photo of Felicia working!

Photographer's gotta eat too!

Photographer's gotta eat too!

Photo Shoot: Celebrity Chef Jose Garces

When I began my career as a food and beverage photographer the restaurant scene was a huge part of it. I lived for the Food Network and the chefs with their competitions and daily cooking segments. Honestly I kinda still do... These are the people, along with the Food Network and other national food brands that have shaped the food scene we know today. One of the first chefs that I admired and built his roots in Philadelphia was Chef Jose Garces. I followed him in his early stages before he became well known.

The first time I met him was while I was still an assistant and the photographer I was working with had to shoot him. We photographed him at his amazing restaurant Amada in Old City. I was overly joyed and could not wait! Chef Garces was so nice and down to earth and I shamelessly got his autograph on one of his menus which I still have today in my kitchen. This was right before he aired on Iron Chef America which he won and the rest is history for him..

It was very exciting to see me come back to him and he's still the same nice guy, but this time I got to photograph him and his restaurant Distrito in Moorestown, New Jersey. One of his newer adventures in his many restaurants he's opened. The images were photographed for an article that will be running in the March 2015 New Jersey Monthly magazine.