BTS: Food Photography Workshop at The Art Directors Club

What a great event and turnout for this past weekend's food photography workshop. It was great to share my experiences and tips I've learned over the years to help the students improve on their own photography. We had a packed afternoon of talking lighting setups, camera programs, and the importance of styling. I did a live demonstration on set shooting and building a sandwich. I also discussed the importance of hiring and working with a food stylist as well as a prop stylist.

Everyone broke out to separate tables building their own sets with props supplied and also making their own sandwich to photograph! You can see a time lapse below of the days events.

I would love to continue this workshop at other locations in New York City as well as New Jersey, and Philadelphia. If you are a food or prop stylist and want to collaborate on this please reach out! Also any studio spaces that would like to host us.

Phase One iQ260

Part of running a business is to grow your business and add value to your “product.”

This is a very exciting time in my business where I’ve increased the quality of my photography making me more valuable to the client. I’ve purchased a medium format camera system that creates images you could never get with a simple DSLR camera. The color bit depth is incomparable, and the incredible detail in the image with the increased megapixel captures are just some of the simple differences but huge game changers in being a professional photographer. I know my clients present and future will instantly see the difference in what I can offer them and in the long run create beautiful images.